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Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Why Nollywood actresses don't appeal to me - D'Prince

Sexy Mavin records act D'Prince, who's also the younger brother of revered producer/musician Don Jazzy, in this chat speaks on a wide range of issues, especially those concerning his career, the opposite sex, why Wande Coal left them and many more.
What is the state of Mavin record since the leaving of Wande Coal?
Mavin is at peace. It is not just a label, it is a family. It is my home and I am happy with it. I am enjoying my contract because I am working with a great set of people who share the same vision with me about my career. So, everybody is working to take the label to an enviable height and I know God is in control of our affairs. From the boss to the least person on the label, we all work together as one big family. Wande leaving the label is nothing serious; he just had to move on to another level and challenges. We are still one big family. We still do music together and we always make sure we produce good music that people will always say good things about. You must have noticed that we know how to do it, that’s why everybody appreciates anything that comes out of that label. What matters in life is how happy you are with what you are doing and who you are working with. For me, I am very happy and satisfied with what I am doing under Mavin records.
Why did Wande leave Mavin?
Well, he left not because there was a fight; he left because he wanted to face bigger challenges. As a matter of fact, Wande had moved on long before the news broke. He was already doing his thing. The noise just became bigger on twitter. He is still part of the family.
What is your relationship with Wande Coal?
I have no issues with Wande. He is my brother. The relationship is cordial as before because we see often. Honestly, that Wande left does not mean it will affect our relationship; it won’t. Break-up or no break-up, you have to be thankful to God for the good life. He has blessed you with. Whether we like it or not, we remain one big family.
How did you feel when Wande Coal said he was leaving?
I felt bad initially but was also happy for him because he is happy he made the decision. You see, in life, we should allow people live their dreams. Nobody should impose anything on anyone. The break up thing is one of those things that happen with any successful record label. It is not peculiar to Mavin. Mavin remains stronger than before. Everybody is working and we are moving ahead. That somebody left or that somebody may leave tomorrow does not mean we should all stand down and look. This is one big happy family; whatever happens, we have to stick together so that we can fashion out the way forward.
During the D’banj and Don Jazzy faceoff, you were on the side of your brother, and now Wande Coal. How do you feel?
 Looking back, I have no regrets taking my stand at any time. During the D’banj issue there was not really a decision to be made at the time. Don Jazzy is my big brother. So once he discussed with me that he wanted to go in a new direction, I asked him when…
How does it feel being Don Jazzy’s brother?
It is never easy when you are related to a legend in any industry. All I can say is that the new album, which is my first, is coming out and hopefully it will be judged on its merits. I am first an individual and then an artiste, which makes me unique. Yes, being Don Jazzy’s brother is a plus. But it has not in any way robbed me of my talent or made me a lazy artiste. I am proud of who I am and as such not hiding under Don Jazzy’s shadow.” My brother is Don Jazzy and I do not live under his shadow. He is an enigmatic producer and living under his shadow will be hard for anyone. People say the same about Beyonce, Michael Jackson, Solange and The Jacksons Five. I go by this famous saying: you can lead a horse to the water but you can’t force it to drink. I believe I’m an artiste with my own principles which I apply while making my music. At the end of the day, I always let my music speak for me. I have made songs with different producers and also featured on other artistes’ songs.
Tell us about how music started for you
Growing up I was exposed to a lot of musical instruments around me and through that I developed interest in music at an early age. My dad was into music production and my mum was a chorister in her younger days. So it was only natural that I was exposed to different sounds and genres at such a tender age. My dad is a musical encyclopedia. Just test him; there is nothing he doesn’t know about the industry. So we all grew up singing, dancing or playing instruments. There has never been anything else that I have wanted to do except music. 
Of all your songs, which is your favourite?
Of all my singles, -Take Banana Till You Go Yo - a track off the Mavin Records Solar Plexus album, has been adjudged as being sexually suggestive lyrics wise and I like it so much. I think some people have very active imagination. I had a lot of fun making Take Banana and I’m just happy that people really like the song, the way I see it.
Tell us about your travails in Mo’Hits and later Mavin
When we started Mo’Hits Records things were not rosy. In 2005, everything was focused on D’banj. After D’banj, we produced a CD that featured D’banj, Wande Coal, Dr. Sid and K-Switch. I was a back-up singer. People used to wonder if I could sing. It is a normal thing. They thought I had everything going smoothly for me because I was the CEO’s brother. It wasn’t that rosy till I released my own debut single entitled Omoba in December 2009. It was big and I was nominated for many music awards. That CD occupied the number one position on music charts for many weeks. When I uploaded the content of the CD online, it was criticised. Some critics wondered what I was talking about. They asked if I was lyrically competent. But some people commended me. They said I did a nice job. In this world, you always have those who dislike you and everything you do and those who are patient with your work. The same thing happened when I released two other CDs. I have also participated in collaborations. I try to set a pace for myself and I deliver. It has not been easy for me. But I see it as a journey and I always try to stand out in what I do. My fans out there appreciate what I do. That is the beauty about this business.
What do you think about your critics?
Everybody has a right to express his opinion on any subject. Obviously, I cannot satisfy everybody. Some people connect with my music and others do not understand it. My goal is to make sure that I play my part and reach out to those who are ready to listen to my music. There will always be critics.
Why did you pose nude on your album cover?
That album personifies me. It was an expression. It’s quite simple. I was just being creative and also exploiting my love for antiques. I also did not want to do the regular stuff because everybody is unique in their own way.  
You have been romantically linked with popular model Voke Petra, are you marrying her any time soon?
All these things are mere speculations. Every day I am linked to someone different. If half of them were true I would not even have time for anything else. I’m focusing on my music right now. My private life I would prefer to keep for now.
Do you have any actress you would love to date in Nollywood?
I am not a freak of Nollywood actresses. I would love to work for now. The minute you start believing the hype is the minute you start to slide. I want to break new grounds. We have so much talent around right now and it is a good time to be in the business. I want to be a part of that history.
What is your relationship with Tiwa Savage?
It is always good to have a woman around, especially a woman like Tiwa Savage, who knows how super talented she is. Her presence in our record label has spiced up the group.

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