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Friday, December 27, 2013

Nigerians condemn Chris Okotie for wasting N130m on two exotic cars

Okotie & ex wife, Stephanie
Several angry and disappointed Nigerians who recently bared their minds to us on the conditions of anonymity have openly condemned flamboyant and controversial man of God, Rev. Chris Okotie for wasting the sum of N130 million on a Rolls Royce Phantom (N80m) and 2014 Range Rover Autobiography (N30m).
The serial presidential losers bought both wonder-on-wheels to celebrate his 27 years as a pastor and 30 years as a born again Christian.
These angry Nigerians wondered why Okotie, whose second marriage recently crashed, would spend such a huge amount on two cars, when millions of Nigerians are hungry and finding it difficult to eat just a meal in a day.
 "He's already acting like those occupying Aso Rock and other government houses, yet he has not won any election. With this kind of open love for material acquisition, it means Okotie would do worse than those in Aso Rock, if he gets into office," asserted one of the disappointed Nigerians.
Another, while reacting, said there was no difference between the ex pop star and typical Nigerian politicians.

"How can a man of God brazenly display so much wealth in the midst of glaring poverty. If he does not know what to do with money, he should set up foundations for millions of indigent students finding it hard to go to school or better still, kick start an empowerment programme for the army of youths roaming the streets, especially in his Niger Delta region. He can also help the many poor people and families in his church. Well, the truth is that he has shown us how he will lavish Nigeria's money on material things if elected our president."

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Anonymous said...

no b him fault. na those wey dey contribute offering for him I dey blame. nonsense!