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Monday, December 23, 2013

19 Mistakes From Obi Emelonye's Last Flight To Abuja

Obi Emelonye's "Last Flight To Abuja" – The full movie (Nollywood Movies 2013) with over 1,493,241 views so far on YouTube is the number one on the Top 10 Most Watched Videos in Nigeria in 2013 excluding Music, but Nollymovies reported the following 19 mistakes in the best selling movie.

The movie opened with radio voice-over of the "Good Morning Nigeria Show" with "Manny and the Angels" on Cool FM, Lagos. In 2006, the Good Morning Nigeria Show was hosted by Dan Foster and not Manny and the Angels.

Continuity Error:-
As the movie starts a large building is shown and "CNS Headquarters" is written on the screen. When they show the board meeting taking place in the building, Chief Nike (Jide Kosoko) refers to their office as "TNS"

The Flamingo name and logo on the plane is obviously printed on paper and then pasted on the fuselage/body of the plane. How much would re-spraying that part of the plane have cost?

submitted by @IamNotJuke (twitter)
Continuity Error:- The first time the Captain George (Anthony Monjaro) spoke to the passengers, he wasnt smiling. He says "the weather, a cool 31 degrees celsius...thank you for choosing Flamingo *Airways, enjoy your flight". The second time, while supposedly repeating the SAME SPEECH, he says "The weather in Abuja, a cool 31 degrees celsius...thank you for choosing Flamingo *Airlines, enjoy yourself."
Continuity Error:- Captain George (Anthony Monjaro) radioed the control tower and asked for permission to take off from runway 2 but the plane is shown to have taken off from runway 15.

Continuity Error:- In the first run, Mr Adesola (Hakeem Kae-Kazim) stood up and interrupted the conversation between Suzie (Omotola Jalade-Ekeinde) and David (Jim Iyke) before heading to the toilet. When there's a replay of the SAME SCENE, he goes straight to the toilet without interrupting their conversation.

Factual Error:- Mrs Angela Efe (Chidera Orji) is seen using an iPad as her husband returns home having missed his flight. The first iPad wasn’t released until 2010 which was four years after the movie was supposedly set.
Continuity Error:-
After the Captain George (Anthony Monjaro) insists to the control tower about an emergency landing, the cabin shows and all of a sudden, there’s no smoke.

Factual Error:-
Considering how the plane crashed and all the fire, should that many people have survived? The survivors all look in very good shape with just a little dirt.

Obvious sponsorship advertisements over-emphasizing the sponsors' brands. E.g. Cool FM, Diamond Bank, Nigeria Info, Zinox Computers, Wazobia FM.

Continuity Error:-
The crying girl, Anietie (Abigail Oyinkansola) who refuses to let her dad travel cries in the car, walks away from the car grinning and is seen crying again the second her father stops.

Kevin Efe (Uche Odoputa) practically hands his phone to the thief who supposedly snatches the phone from him while he used it.

Factual Error:- The magazine on which Jimi (Sam Ajibola) signs his autograph for Mukhtar, "Whats Inside Lagos", wasn’t available until 2010.

Factual Error:-
The Elderly Man (Olumide Bakare) was travelling for a surgery for diabetes. Problem is, diabetes treatment does not require surgery.

Factual Error:-
Dr. Gina (Rachel Ekiama) checks Charles' temperature with stethoscope. A stethoscope is an acoustic medical device used for listening to internal sounds. A thermometer should have been used to check his temperature. Dr Gina also uses a Blackberry Torch 3 which wasn’t available until 2011.
submitted by @HandleOfTheYear (twitter)

Factual Error:-
A car battery is seen being loaded onto the plane. A car battery is a corrosive and is therefore internationally prohibited from being loaded on an airplane.

On their way from the airport Mrs Ime Ibong looks at a police convoy and says "Is that not the governor?" to which her husband replies "that looks like my chairman, Chief Nike". The SUVs they both looked at were tinted. How did they see through the tinted glasses?

As Soibifa (Omalicha Iyasara) struggles with Mr Adesola (Hakeem Kae-Kazim) in the hotel room, she falls on her right hand which is shown to be placed between her head and the broken glass, implying her head had no direct contact with the broken glass table which supposedly killed her.

Factual Error:-
After all the passengers leave the plane, David (Jim Iyke) tries to help Mr Adesola (Hakeem Kae-Kazim) out, abandons him and runs out as the plane explodes. Now the explosion is shown to have started before David got to the rear exit. An explosion of that magnitude should be enough to kill him. Even if it doesn’t, he should have serious burns and injuries. Right?


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