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Friday, January 25, 2013

Fears over Majek's failing health


At the end of 2011, he appeared to be on the verge of a comeback, when he released the video of his groovy reggae hip hop single, “Jah Revelation.” Insulated from negative influence by the management crew of A Plus Entertainment, a recording outfit committed to rehabilitating the fallen reggae idol and putting him back on track, fans and concerned public heave a sigh of relief, thinking that finally it’s redemption time for the Rainmaker.

Unfortunately, like an Abiku, who would break his parents’ heart at a point when they begin to get hopeful, the Prisoner of Conscience singer suddenly pulled a vanishing act. His disappearance threw a spanner into what appeared to be a smooth-going arrangement to re-launch him back to music spotlight, with his new ready-and-waiting album billed to be released in mid-January 2013.

Majek disappeared from his Gowon Estate apartment last December. After futile efforts to find him, he reappeared in the first week of January in a sorry state, haggard, weak and pale. The popular story is that he was allegedly abducted by one of his friends who lured him to Ghana with the intention to coax him into signing concert deals outside the shores of the country. The Little Patience singer however desisted from signing any document while in Ghana and after regaining his faculty, retraced his footsteps back to the country. Following his reappearance, he was at first hospitalized at St Nicholas Hospital, Obalende. Later, he was brought back to his house at Gowon Estate. At the moment, he is recuperating in a hospital at an undisclosed location.

The whole intrigues have put a halt to what should have been resurgence in the fading career of the reggae musician. The CEO of A Plus, Hajia Oluremi Dangaji, who claimed that her company had spent over N35 million on Majek’s rehabilitation and career comeback, affirmed that his new album is ready for the market. But the ultimate concern now is about restoring his health. Majek, she avowed, has gone back to his old lifestyle. “He has become a shadow of his old self, breaking bottles and behaving very abnormal. In fact, he has not been himself since he returned to the country. Right now, he is hospitalised. We are trying to stabilize his condition,” she was quoted.

A former associate of Majek, when contacted, at first refrained from making any comment about Majek, his album or A Plus Entertainment. Prodded, he said, “Against better advices, Majek chose to go the wrong way. All I know is that if he dies today, we would give him a befitting burial. We owe him that much.”

Why Tuface begged me to marry him -Annie Macaulay

The wife of the iconic African pop star, Annie Macaulay Idibia has opened up on why Tuface Idibia begged her to marry him.

In a revealing interview she granted Jara, a TV programme on Africa Magic channel on DSTV, the singer’s wife reconstructed the scenario of how Tuface proposed to her and why he chose her among the other women in his life. Hear her: “He called me up one morning that I should meet him in Lagos so that we can hang out. He said his friends are around and they want to take us out. So, I agreed to see him. I remember it was a particular friend of ours that was around that day, although I would not like to mention his name.
“And when I got to Lagos that day, he was like ‘let’s go to the club.’ When we got to the club, the place was totally empty. Obviously confused, I asked him, “baby, what are we doing here, it’s empty” and before I turned back, my brothers and friends showed up. I was so perplexed that I had to ask what everybody was doing around there and they said they heard we were there and they came.

“Just about few minutes after, Tuface picked up the microphone and I thought he was going to do all the normal hypes he does when he goes to the club. But he shocked me. He started saying things about how I have always been there for him since day one. How I have sacrificed alot for him. How I have cried and stood strong during his trying moments. The truth is, he said so many things I can’t remember now. He said so many wonderful things that sent me into another world and I couldn’t even hear the other things he said.
“I didn’t even know when he walked up to me and he said “Please, will you marry me?” And I was like, “Can you imagine? What’s going on here?” he was saying so many things that I can’t even remember. It all blew my head.

“Although, it has not been easy since we had our traditional marriage. The truth is, it is not easy to be married to a superstar but I still live my normal life. Right now, I feel 24 hours is not enough for me because I have my husband, my daughter and myself to take care of. It has really been crazy and God knows I have been trying my best. I wish I have more time to handle all of this.
“Just because of the lack of time, I haven’t been able do my normal acting jobs. I would still go on to do it soon because my husband is very supportive of my career and everything I do. As a married woman, I would be more selective with the roles I take now. I would do away from controversial roles but that doesn’t mean if I see a good storyline I wouldn’t do it.
“One of the reasons I would be careful with the roles I take up now is because I am married. And when you are married you have to be able to manage your career such that it won’t affect your home front. In any case, you need to learn some tips which will help you carry on in the marriage. But before that, you need to be sure that the man loves you as much as you love him. Even if it is not as much as you love him, but be sure he loves you. You also need to be patient. Men are like babies and babies are very annoying. You need to scold them but you should pamper them more. You need to work on yourself so that you can be proud of yourself. Don’t fake anything.

“Very soon, Tuface and I plan to do our white wedding and you will all be invited and even though it will be something quiet. We don’t want to make too much noise about it. We just want a beautiful and memorable event.”

Emerging comedians to watch in 2013

mbarachi chukwuebuka

In Nigeria, a tension soaked clime where anger and frustration seem to have enveloped many, the business of comedy which was hitherto taken for granted has begin to blossom, making celebrities out of many and serving as means of livelihood for others.
In the past, event planners either cared less about comedy or had no business with it in their programme’s schedules. For those that dared give it a thought, it was either last in the order of priorities or entirely excluded.
Fascinatingly, the trend has changed. You either give a pride of place to comedy or risk a flopped event. With this unprecedented regard for comedy, rib-crackers have suddenly turned celebrities, becoming brand ambassadors, thereby living large, even larger than most movie and music stars.
In this list, Entertainment Express showcases 13 humour merchants who are gradually and stylishly taking over in the business of wit. With the level they have upped their games and stepped up their antes, they are tipped to wow in 2013 like never before.

Elder O
He was born with no spoon, not even a silver spoon. But when he burst sensationally onto the humour business, his awe-inspiring renditions immediately fetched him a spoon, a golden one.
In his words: “The truth is that I was born without any spoon. You know kids like us born without any spoon had to grow up looking for the spoons ourselves, whether gold, silver or plastic. Gradually, I located the plastic spoon, now I’m striving for the silver, hoping to end with the gold someday”.
With his presence in virtually all events in the city of Lagos, either as MC or Comedian, Elder O, whose real name is Ogechukwu David is gradually taking over the industry. The Bende, Abia State-born rib-cracker who prides himself as the youngest elder of Federal Republic of Nigeria is indeed a star comedian to watch out in 2013. His unique style of dressing-natively-and ability to hold his audience swaying in laughter stands him out in the league of comedians.

Sylvester Obialor otherwise known as Odogwu is another star to watch this year. His audio CD joke compilation featuring MC Abbey and De Don is on the verge of being released to the public.
The University of Abuja graduate of Business Administration has received endorsements of colleagues and fans as one of the most promising talents. It is a common secret in the industry that he is a joke-spinning machine who many resort to for inspiration.
This is why he has been a favourite choice for organizers of corporate shows such as the recently held Coppa Lagos among others.
Every week, he keeps date regularly with fans at upscale hangout, SS Lounge, Victoria Island.

Enenche De Comedian
Abuja based Benue-born comedian-cum-activist Enenche Ononyilo Peters popularly known as Enenche De Comedian is another promising act capable of recording breakthrough in 2013. The Chemistry graduate of Benue State University, Makurdi came to national limelight when he mimicked Chris Oyakhilome in Vol. 14 of Opa William’s Nite of a Thousand Laughs.
His natural sense of humour is mixed with the flavour of an educated entertainer. He can readily convert everyday’s happenings to “stomach tearing jokes” which leaves his fans in the state of uncontrollable ecstasy.
Youthful Enenche won the PAMSA awards 2012 - Comedian of the Year. His audio CD-Laughter of Hope with Enenche-according him, is set to hit market any moment from now.

Benjy D Joke
With his irresistible jokes and stage management ability, Onwume Benjamin, popularly known as Benjy D Joke has maintained a steady rise to stardom. In 2012, he proved his mettle, wowing audiences beyond expectation. Even in the face of serious competitions, the popularity of the Delta State-born budding comedian has continued to soar. His recently held an event tagged Laugh for Change, which attracted audience from far and near. Indeed, the Mass Communication graduate of Lagos State Polytechnic is a star to watch out for this 2013.

Mr. Makati
Five years after abandoning football for comedy. Papa Pass Pikin, as Ejike Richard is fondly called is another rib-cracker that is gradually becoming a household name in the business of comedy.
Perhaps, when he left football for the gutsy ride in comedy little did he know that a fortune awaits him. Today, his name comes aloud in major events within and outside Lagos, a testament that he has distinguished himself. He currently rocks at XFactor Lounge, Surulere, where he thrills as the in-house comedian.

Young and witty Acapella is stylishly becoming a top rib-cracker in Nigeria; he can thrill and titillate any audience, irrespective of age or socio-cultural background. His rise to fame started on September 25, 2008, when he emerged winner of AY Open Mic Show. Known for his originality, the Imo State-born act is indeed among the next biggest things in the comedy industry, as he has already been eulogized by celebrated comedians like Gbenga Adeyinka.

MC Filosopher
He is the brain behind the popular comedy audio CD entitled Philosophy of Laughter, and was once the cynosure of all eyes when he emerged winner of the coveted AY Open Mic Show. According to the Isiukwuato, Abia State-born promising act, passion and determination are the ingredients of success. This he believes has catapulted him to limelight, and would keep him afloat in 2013.

Danni B
Groomed by his elder brother, Sheddi Baba, Danni B is one of the newest rib crackers set to rock 2013. Currently under the tutelage of Comedian of the Federal Republic, Gbenga Adeyinka, the Kogi State born entertainer is always a delight to watch.

Rugged Pastor
Born Ubi Emmanuel, this Rivers State born comedian is new and in hot demand. He constantly shuttles between Lagos and Port-Harcourt while plying his trade. The University of Port Harcourt, Theatre Art graduate is also an OAP. He will definitely raise the bar of comedy this 2013.

MC Obeleife
What he lacks in physique, he is doling out in comedy. This petite entertainer is an embodiment of laughter and is set to thrill this 2013 with his jokes and jibes.

MC Rhoda
Bold and brainy comedienne, MC Rhoda seems to be the only fast rising female act in the comedy industry. Born Rhoda Olofua, Rhoda MC boasts of being the most talented female comedian in Nigeria and the only female comedian in Delta state where she hails. “The fact is, I am the only female comedian in Delta State. I have all it takes to make sick and frustrated people to forget their sorrows by laughing. All aspect of me is comical”, she boasted in a recent phone interview with Entertainment Express.
Her “Season of Laughter” comedy audio CD is gradually becoming a street anthem and a major Sound beat that brightens the gloomy faces of Delta State residents. Currently, the 24-year-old Delta State based act is shooting the video of her comedy album which according to her will add glitz and glamour to comedy in Nigeria.

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Letter to Mr. President

Dear Mr. President, let me start this letter by wishing you a happy New Year, although, belated. I also want to thank you and your kitchen cabinet for not increasing fuel pump price this 2013, unlike your wicked and callous New Year Day’s gift to long suffering Nigerians in 2012, which nearly brought down your unpopular government.