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Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Money Doesn't Make You Happy - Tonto Dike

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Nollywood actress, Tonto Dikeh-Churchillis happily married to Olakunle Churchill and she is warning Nigerian girls about the type of life they are living.

She said “Many beings waste years of their lives, chasing after people they can’t have, or lifestyles that aren’t sustainable, for reasons we don’t know.  You can’t have a person, either they will f*ck with you, or they won’t. 
Nobody is out of your league, they just don’t want you in their life.  We are all human so we all make mistakes, but a mistake made twice is a choice.  Try not to seek the best looking, or those with the most money, for these are superficial ideas and money doesn’t make you happy. 

She went on to say "You make you happy, so if you are in a situation with a person and you have the freedom to choose, but you are unhappy, this is your fault not theirs.  Stop wasting your time.  Leave the situation.  You should be looking for someone who shares sympathetic vibrations.  If you aren’t happy within yourself, you can’t be truly happy around others. Health is not just physical. I think this is why people Who know me love me, because I am happy and I love people.  Don’t chase waterfalls, on the surface they appear beautiful, but they are usually hiding rocks that will kill you.“ nigerianfilm

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