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Friday, November 25, 2016

Eva Alordiah Condemns Bleaching by Dark Ladies

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Dark Skin, Eva Alordiah , an entertainer and one of the best female rapper in Nigeria is proud to be a dark skin lady unlike most ladies who prefer to be light in complexion.

Eva, said she is happier when her skin looks darker. Although she said that people feel that lighter skinned girls look more attractive, and because of that, dark ladies who do not appreciate their skin type go into bleaching their skin in order to look fair. 
She condemned the use of lightening enhancement by dark ladies and advised them top start appreciating their skin type.
“SKIN is indeed a major issue with a lot of Women. If you have followed me for a while now, you know I dealt with master Acne for a long time. And a course of my treatments made my skin become quite brighter. When I look back on me then and compare with me now, I find I am so much more attracted to my beautiful darker skin”
Incase you have forgotten there are very harmful effects of bleaching which ranges from
•  Dark grey spots 
•  Skin cancer 
•  Acne 
•  Swelling of the skin 
•  Thinning of the skin 
•  Cataracts 
•  Setting down of fat on face, chest, upper back and stomach 
•  Increase in appetite and weight gain 
•  Osteoporosis 
•  Neurological and kidney damage due to high level of mercury used in the creams 

•  Psychiatric disorders among others. nigerianfilm

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