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Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Azealia Banks in court for bouncer biting drama


Rapper Azealia Banks had a court date in New York on Tuesday (29Nov16) to face charges she spat at and bit a bouncer.
The 25-year-old stands accused of attacking the female minder outside New York City nightclub Up&Down last year (Dec15), when she was charged with misdemeanour assault, attempted assault and disorderly conduct.
Reports suggested the 212 rapper flew into a rage when staff at the club failed to recognise her.
Banks was supposed to appear in court in September (16), but she was a no-show after reportedly missing her flight to the Big Apple from Los Angeles.
The judge overseeing the case warned her she would serve jail time if she failed to appear at the next hearing, which was set for Tuesday.
It’s unclear what punishment Banks received in the Manhattan courtroom, but it appeared to be good news, as she left she was photographed smiling outside.
Azealia has been all over the news lately after attacking former One Direction star Zayn Malik on Twitter and then apologising to him for her abusive remarks, and allegedly fighting with Oscar winner Russell Crowe at a Los Angeles dinner party last month (Oct16).
The hip-hop star accused the actor of spitting on her, calling her derogatory names and carrying her out of his hotel suite in Beverly Hills following an altercation. Banks demanded Crowe apologise and when he refused to even address the drama the hitmaker, who was at the party as a guest of rapper and filmmaker RZA, filed a police report.
However, multiple sources, including RZA, insisted the Gladiator star did nothing wrong – and Banks’ bad behaviour wrecked a pleasant get together.

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