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Monday, November 28, 2016

I'm a street boy, even though I look very calm - Rykardo Agbor

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In Nigeria and perhaps all over the world, celebrities are always at the mercy of ‘street boys,’ who often make demands whenever they sight them.

But in a recent encounter with our correspondent, the mass communication graduate, Rykardo Agbor insisted that he could not be held up by ‘area boys’ if he had no intention to give them anything.
According to him, people are often deceived by his calm look, even though he is a ‘street boy.’ He stated,
“They do this to appreciate you, but at times I feel some of them push it too far. That is wrong and I do not support it. I cannot be held up if I don’t intend to give anything. I am a street boy even though I look very calm and I know all those pranks they play on the streets. When I am not smiling, you will not want to stay near me or try rubbish with me.”
Rykardo Agbor, who was born and raised in Surulere, Lagos, however revealed that contrary to what is now the practice with showbiz stars, he had no intention of leaving the neighbourhood anytime soon for highbrow areas such as Lekki.
He explained, “In Surulere, there are always different places to go to. It is a communal living because we know one another. I can conveniently move around at any time, because almost everyone there knows me and they do not see me as a star. It is calm for me, except for people who visit the place and see me for the first time.”
Blessed with twins, a boy and girl, he also revealed that he was the type of actor who could play any role in movies, including projecting nudity. According to him, he is an actor and is at liberty to interpret different roles.
Asked what he expects his children to think of him playing an awkward role, he responded: “They will know that it is what I do for a living; it is my profession. As a father too, you must always tutor your kids rightly and let them know the difference between wrong and right. There is censorship too; things children should watch and things they should not watch. If it falls under censorship, they will not watch it.” nigerianfilm

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