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Monday, November 28, 2016

I can’t get down with a woman - Bobrisky

Bobrisky finds Christianity more convenient as opposed to being a Muslim.

Bobrisky has taken a frank stance regarding his sexual desires after claiming that he is not really into sex or women.

The bleaching specialist mentioned this in an interview with Vanguard News, following questions about his sexual orientation.

“I am not a womaniser but that does not mean I can’t get down with a woman.
One man’s food is another man’s poison. I am not the type who really loves sex or women.
"It takes a while for me to get into relationships. I went to a boarding school so I have been trained to be indoor.
“You hardly see me everywhere which makes it difficult to really be into women. I am only popular because God wants me to.
"I hardly attend parties or grant interviews. I didn’t struggle to be out there. Some habits are peculiar to men like drinking, smoking etc."
Bobrisky barbie

Concerning his relationship status, the cross dresser finally disclosed that he is indeed in a relationship with a lady currently in London.
This will no doubt relieve him of more questions concerning if he is gay or not.
"My girlfriend is in London and she has been calling me to know the situation of things."
Bobrisky, who hails from a Muslim family has also disclosed that practicing Islam would have been a problem for him if he was still actively involved in it.
Bobrisky is seen applying make-up on himself.

He thinks the daily ablution will cause him a great discomfort as he would have been required to apply a make-up every time he prays.
According to the Islamic practice, a Muslim is expected to pray five times a day. pulse

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