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Tuesday, August 30, 2016

WWE: Owens claims Universal crown

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Seth Rollins, Roman Reigns, Kevin Owens and Big Cass began Raw with dreams of becoming WWE Universal champion, but it was Owens who emerged triumphant.

Last week Finn Balor was forced to vacate the Universal title just one day after claiming the crown, and in true Raw style four of the biggest names in WWE fought it out to win the prize.

Rollins and Reigns were aiming to add the Universal championship to their list of honours, but it was Owens who stood victorious at the end of a thrilling Fatal Four-Way that also saw the return of Triple H.

The ‘King of Kings’ watched on before deciding it was Owens who would feel the benefit of his helping hand, but only after luring Rollins into believing he would come out on top.

Big Cass was an early casualty from the Elimination match, with Owens’ Frog Splash putting an end to a triple whammy that included a kick to the face from Rollins and a Superman Punch from Reigns.

It was Reigns who went on to dominate and looked to be heading for a fourth spell with a world title until Triple H burst from the timekeeper’s area to Pedigree Reigns.

He served him up on a plate for a clearly delighted Rollins who, having been beaten to the title at SummerSlam by Balor, felt he would be the beneficiary of the four mentored by the five-time champion.

‘The Game’ then dragged in an unconscious Owens but with The Architect on the brink of victory, Triple H turned on Rollins and laid him out with another vicious Pedigree leaving Owens to claim the title in front of a dumbfounded Mick Foley and Stephanie McMahon.skysports

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