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Tuesday, August 30, 2016

'I'll get married at the right time' - Ruggedman

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According to the rapper, the issue associated with domestic violence in marriage is promoted by parents who force their kids into tying the knot against their will.

Veteran rapper, Ruggedman, has disclosed that he is still bidding his time as far as marriage is concerned, and does not believe it should be done based on pressure.

According to him, parents who force their offspring into marriage are in part responsible for the cases of domestic violence prevalent in the society.
Ruggedman  Ruggedman

'Ruggedy Baba', as he is also known, revealed this on an interview with b, which was published on Saturday, August 27, 2016.
“Marriage is not a fashion statement that everybody wants to join the trend. You don’t get married because people are getting married or get married because people asked you to do so, you get married when you are very ready to get married."
“I keep saying parents should not force their children to get married because it’s part of what causes domestic violence in homes of nowadays.”
The rapper also mentioned that he is not under pressure to tie the knot, which he hopes to do at the appropriate time.
When this happens, it will in no way affect his music career which looks reignited following the release of his latest single, 'Religion', which featured 'Gongo aso' singer, 9ice.

Nomoreloss  Ruggedman at late Nomoreloss' Service of Songs

“I know I’ll get married when the right time comes. If you do things right, marriage won’t be a barrier to your music or whatever you are doing."
“I will not lie to you, I know a lot of artistes that got married and it slowed down their career so much. But there are those who got married and are still doing their thing."
"It’s all left to you and how you manage your marriage and career. I’ll always advice that one should marry his or her best friend; it helps a lot”, he siad.--pulse

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