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Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Piers Morgan rubbishes reality star, Kim Kardashian


Piers Morgan is back with his controversial tweets and this time, he drags Kim Kardashian into it.
 So, Alicia Keys stunned at the just concluded MTV VMAs over the weekend with a no make-up face. The singer donned a lovely gown with a bare face as she attended the much talked about event.
Morgan took to Twitter praising her for a brave decision. “So @aliciakeys wore no make-up to #VMAs. 100 times more empowering than @KimKardashian @emrata’s naked selfies.
Apparently, Piers Morgan is far from done with Kim Kardashian and her nude selfies.
Recently, he threw shades at her with a semi-nude selfie of himself while quoting the model on self-love.
After being blasted over her new nude selfie, Kim had taken to her website to shut down what she now refers to as body shaming and slut shaming, with Piers following suit with the hilarious semi-nude.
In a time when people are politically correct and are afraid to speak their mind on individuals exploiting the feminist movement, Piers Morgan is not afraid to speak his mind.pulse

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