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Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Alberto Del Rio is reportedly done with WWE

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As we noted last night, the currently suspended Alberto Del Rio is reportedly done with WWE.
Del Rio was suspended by WWE on the 17th August for his first violation of their Wellness Policy. A few hours later, his real-life girlfriend Paige was also suspended – although they were reportedly not for the same substances.

This came after months of rumours that Del Rio was very unhappy with his position in the company, and that he was heavily considering leaving WWE once his contract was up in October. Daily Wrestling News reported that Del Rio was promised a top spot within the company when he returned at Hell in a Cell last October, beating John Cena for the US Championship on his first night back, but Triple H stopped that from happening because he believed Del Rio parties too much, was a liability to the company and was a bad influence on Paige.

Once Alberto’s suspension was announced, many speculated that his Smackdown match the previous night was the last we’d see of him on WWE TV. Dave Meltzer reported that an ‘early out’ clause in his contract would allow Del Rio to leave in September, and he was spotted with Paige visiting the Spanish-language MMA promotion Combata Americas, which he nearly joined before resigning with WWE last year.

Just after WWE removed him from all their upcoming live event listings, F4WOnline are now reporting that he is finished with WWE and will not be returning to the company once his suspension is up on the 17th September. Apparently the terms of release mean Del Rio is free to work in Mexico and internationally imminently – as opposed to the usual 90 day non-compete clause.
In other currently suspended WWE star news, the most stylish, elegant, bewitching, eternally beguiling, contentiously charismatic, fantastically fascinating, Wellness Policy violating Eva Marie has dyed her hair black. 

Yeah, I just gave you an update on a wrestler’s hair. I’m pretty much Perez Hilton now.
How would you have improved Alberto Del Rio’s second run with WWE? More of League of Nations stuff! Because that was so good. Let us know in the comments.

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