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Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Toolz blasts woman, who asked why she isn't pregnant yet

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Toolz takes down a womb watcher on Twitter with her smart and direct reply.

Have you ever asked yourself when popular media personality Toolz will be having a baby?

If your answer is yes it is best you keep your question off social media. Yesterday, Monday, March 6, 2017, a lady on Twitter asked "when is @ToolzO going to have a baby?"
The lady didn't have to wait for long before the BEAT FM OAP fired back. "When you realise womb-watching shouldn't be a hobby...Blessings!"
Toolz handed the woman a stunning reply that embarrassed her. She quickly deleted her tweet and said "lool, I wasn't womb watching. I just love kids and was just curious. If u found this tweet to be rude, well it wasn't intended to be."
Toolz claps back at a womb watcher

Hey, this is what you are likely to get when you poke in someone's business.
Toolz celebrated her one year traditional wedding anniversary on January 30, 2017. She shared over ten pictures from the traditional wedding event on her Instagram page.
Toolz, Tunde Demuren celebrate one year traditional wedding anniversary

Her husband Tunde Demuren also took to his Instagram page to celebrate the glorious day. "One (1) year ago, this beautiful princess agreed to marry me (traditionally). Thank you my Princess. Looking forward to many more blessed years with you. #anniversary" he wrote.
Toolz has a history dealing with trolls online. In October 2016, she subtly replied body shamers and critics. pulse

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