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Tuesday, March 14, 2017

I was a l*sbian , my husband knows it – Cecilia Konamah

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Ghanaian actress and show host, Cecilia Gyase Konamah aka Abena Ghana has surprised her fans with the revelation that she was once involved in lesbianism.

She revealed this during an interview with Hello FM. She also said she stopped the practice three years ago
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She said: "My husband is aware of that. Yes, he knows that I was a l*sbian and he is very comfortable with me in our marriage. He also said even if I had once stood on the streets as a hawker, he likes me as I am."

"I was introduced into the act by some friends. If somebody thinks she wants to bring it out just to break my marriage, then let me tell the person that my husband is aware."

Cecilia Konamah

This just goes to show true love does not judge and anyone who wants to be with you will love beyond your past and focus only on your future together. naij

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