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Monday, March 6, 2017

Oge Okoye dragged for claiming Kenya Moore's dogs as hers

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Did Oge Okoye actually steal a picture of two cute puppies and claim them as hers?

Oge Okoye is in for it, big time! The Nollywood actress shared an adorable photo of two cute puppies, announcing via her Instagram page that her babies had arrived.

This would have been everything cute, except, the picture was stolen!
Kenya Moore's post vs Oge Okoye's post

Okoye shared the photo of the adorable pups sitting in the back of a car, commenting, " Yippeee, my new babies just arrived. #Rob#Rosy#."
Cute right?
Except, Rob and Rosy are actually King and Twirl and belong to Hollywood actress, Kenya Moore.
Moore had shared the exact same picture earlier on, with the caption: "Did you say you had treats or nah? #King and Twirl."
Trust Nigerians to notice this blunder and point it out as effectively as possible. Does Plagiarism apply here? pulse

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