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Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Addict: I used to smoke a lot - Toyin Abraham reveals

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Toyin Abraham recently divulged some previously unknown information about her .

The actress reveals how she once used to take narcotics and how she used to smoke regularly - She also said she was very irresponsible financially Toyin Abraham (formerly Aimakhu) is one actress who never shies away from talking about her life. 

She recently detailed how she used to live irresponsibly and how she used to use narcotics regularly. 

She also spoke on how in 2016, she couldn’t boast of having N1million despite her fame. She made this known at the 2017 edition of Success Story Africa, held in Lagos. “You need to stop bad habits. I was involved in a lot of vices and it became worse last year. I did d*ugs and I am not ashamed to say it because it’s now a thing of the past. 

They say codeine makes you high; I took a lot. I smoked a lot and I didn’t even know I looked horrible, because I was so skinny. If you came to my house last year, you would meet a lot of people and you won’t want to leave because we smoked, gossiped about people and what have you.

Toyin Abraham details how she was once a frequent user of narcotics

“I made a lot of mistakes when I began acting and that was because I did not have plans. I just wanted to be known. But, I now know that being popular isn’t the same thing as being successful. When I got into the industry and the fame became too much, I became irresponsible. I could not boast of N1 million in 2016. I was making money and I wanted to feel among. 

When one of our colleagues bought a car, it was trouble because we all strove to buy the same car or a bigger one. I had to change my circle for good and this change started in March 2017.” 

We are glad she is on the right path. Naij

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