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Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Nigerian big boy Hushpuppi,Mr.Jollof blast each other on Instagram

Image result for Nigerian big boy Hushpuppi,Mr.Jollof blast each other on Instagram

War of words! Malaysian-based Nigerian man identified simply as Hushpuppi known to live extravagantly has reignited his social media fight with Mr.Jollof. 

A while ago, Mr.Jollof had called out Hushpuppi for spending eleven million naira at a Lagos Club. 

He noted that the Nigerian big boy could have used the money to take care of those in need. 

In a recent post on Instagram, the Malaysian-based man took a shade at Mr.Jollof while referring to his previous post about him.

 He noted that Mr.Jollof should not speak against ingrates, adding that he did something ungrateful to him also.

Read his post below: 

“But the day I give this idiot 100,000 without doing any work for me, he appreciate am shine teeth almost kneel down thank me after he say na crumbs . Such is life, pple know how to point other’s mistake but not theirs !!! Now u don judge yourself with your own mouth. I will still keep doing good anyway. Either una appreciate am or not” 

Mr.Jollof immediately replied and said he was not trying to discredit Hushpuppi, saying that he was only giving him an advice. 

Nigerian big boy Hushpuppi and Mr.Jollof


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